Eli’s artistic process is a strategic vectorization of recollection.

Each piece has a focal point located within a specific narrative that has either direct or allegorical ties to a facet of personal history. From these curated memories specific sensory impressions are located in order to identify associations that inform aesthetic strategies. The practice is research based; she retains her connection to the world of science, specifically in the areas of psychology, neurology and animal behavior. Medium is always informed by content.

Considering microcosms and strategies of scale.

Performing an early version of "For Your Inspection" in Prague.

Thoughts on the act of sitting and the act of penetration: precursor to "Please Sit"

Modelling the mask for "A Continuous Thread"

Film Still from "Helicopter Opera," work in progress.

My grandmother: thoughts on trans-generational remnants through an invisible drawing.

Early thoughts on "Medea, Medea" installation, work in progress.

Thinking about intuition and calculation: a precursor to "Algorithm of the American Nuclear Family"

Still from test shoot for "Below and Beneath" video installation: in progress.

Thoughts on femme-specific trauma and abjection within the context of celebrity.

Thoughts on trans-generational trauma, fragility and excavation. Early phases of "Family Photo Album," work in progress.

Further thoughts on "Family Photo Album," work in progress.